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Red Bull Global Rallycross - Las Vegas 2014 by ChibiLavos
Red Bull Global Rallycross - Las Vegas 2014
#31 Joni Wiman,  2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross Supercar Champion!  Celebrating on the roof of his car after finishing 2nd in the final.  The championship was decided by ONE PLACE.  #43 Ken Block finished 1st with #31 Joni Wiman finishing second.  They ended up separated by 5 points in the standings which is one position in the final.  If Joni had finished third they would have finished tied on points,  but Ken Block would have taken the title based on more victories (2) during the season.

Unfortunately this is the final shot I was able to squeeze out during the event.  Two-thirds of the way through the final my battery died.  I was able to keep ejecting the battery and get in a few more shots,  about eight more in total.  So if you were there or saw it on tv you know what happened next.  One to two seconds after this Ken Block started doing donuts around him and it was fantastic!  I tried to get some shots but the battery was too far gone to take even a single shot.  Can find videos of it, just look at the end of the broadcast.  Also no podium shots for the same reason.

I drove out to the Hoover Dam the morning before the second day and I should have used my power inverter and fully recharged the battery.  I didn't take that many shots,  maybe 40,  but ya it slipped my mind and sure enough the battery ran out right at the end.  Guess it was a good thing I cut back on shooting during the LCQ/Lites Final.  I was worried the battery would run out and wanted to conserve a bit just in case...suppose I should be happy the battery lasted just long enough I was able to get this shot in.
Red Bull Global Rallycross - Las Vegas 2014 by ChibiLavos
Red Bull Global Rallycross - Las Vegas 2014
#77 Scott Speed's VW Beetle battling with #81 Bucky Lasek's Subaru WRX.

A common theme during the event that continued all the way into the final.  They crashed in the first turn and went flying into the tire barrier.  Both weren't damaged too badly and were able to continue in the final.  Speed was penalized by race control and sent to the back of the grid for the restart but quickly fought his way back into the mix.  Bucky was able to land a 3rd place finish despite the crash.


Lavos L. Lavos
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So...a lot has gone on in my life this past year,  the twists and turns of life I suppose.  I was still taking photos,  just not with the same exuberance as in the past.  I currently have 27.7 GB of raw photos on my powerbook here and that was part of the problem.  You see iPhoto was quite literally taking me 25 minutes to start;  I think that seriously killed my desire to go out shooting,  the import process was very time consuming.  In anticipation of my recent trip I remedied two issues with my laptop here,  the first being my battery which could last all of 10 seconds without outlet power,  the second being the issue of ram.  After I completed swapping in the 2 GB of ram iPhoto took 25 seconds to load facilitating my photographic needs once more.

So I have posted my finished photos from the Dallas Zoo,  I also have more to post from my street shooting and from Carlsbad Caverns.  All the photos are complete,  probably took me about 10 hours total...around 10 minutes average per photo.

I'm planning for some more trips in the near future,  so hopefully even more to come soon.  I think I need to take a journey to the past and spend more time working on the technical aspects of shooting, return to forcing myself to go fully manual and really work on technique.  Maybe I should do some reading and learn some new tricks.

So look for more soon and I hope you enjoy the new sets of photos,  I had a lot of fun taking these photos. :)

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Happy Holidays!
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